importance of domain ownership


importance of domain ownership

Usually non-IT people request a web designer or an IT service company to make a domain and web design for their company or may be as an individual. its quite easy for a web designer to register domains in his own account, in few clicks domain is ready… however the domain name is obviously be in his own name. Your trouble starts when you wanted to expand your business with a better website or email or host a sub domain with a professional company, the designer can neglect your request of domain access because domain is legally in his name.

Please keep this in your mind while registering a domain,

-Do it through a Local Registrar

-Make sure that they register under your complete contact and name

-You have a bill in your name

-Flexible to move to another registrar after a certain time like few weeks or a month

-You have an exclusive login to your domain portal, even small resellers has it

If your domain is your brand then your domain registration will also help you when you file a Trade Mark Registration


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