Help me to choose a better domain extension


Help me to choose a better domain extension

Yes, this could probably a Trillion Dollar question especially for ecommerce industry and for every entrepreneur

There are few facts that we have to consider when you search for domain names

What is your Geographical area of your business?Anchor


How would you like to be known in the market, in a shortest name?

For Example:

If geographical area of your business is in INDIA or DUBAI or QATAR and you wish to establish in these areas initially, you can easily choose a ccTLD (Country Code Top Level Domain),

For Indian companies best suitable could be a CO.IN or .IN domain or you can choose both to avoid a third party to misuse your trade name

For DUBAI based companies best suitable could be a .AE or.CO.AE domain or an Abu Dhabi company has an option of. ABUDHABI you can choose all three to avoid a third party to misuse your trade name

For QATAR based companies best suitable could be .COM.QA or .QA domain

And remember a best domain name for an IT or Telecom company is none other than .NET or .NET.IN or .NET.QA

Why not .COM?

Remember .COM domains are meant for Commercial organizations open to the whole globe, but remember to avoid well known Trade Marks and proprietary names to avoid legal hassles and rebranding cost involvement in case you lose it in a court battle.

Otherwise. COM’s are best domain names, memorable for your customers if your business is spread across multiple countries and GEOS and if the name still available for registration, because many 3 letter 4 letter domains are not available now for registration and you end up using long names with hyphens or city names along with your company names.

Why not HYPHENS and Numbers?

The only symbol allowed other than alphabets and numbers is a HYPHEN (-)


Hyphen is always confused with underscore (_) while sending emails

If your company name is WEST WIDE then it is not advisable to have and

What should be my domain name as an International organization?

Best domain name for a company WEST WIDE TRADING can be


If not available if you are limited to a country them WESTWIDE.IN or CO.IN for an Indian company and WESTWIDE.CO.AE for DUBAI and WESTWIDE.COM.QA for a QATAR company

What other options? If WESTWIDE.CO.AE/COM.QA/CO.IN not available?


You have another option now

Let us make a short form of WEST WIDE TRADING as WWT

Try options like WWT.AE or WWT.QA or WWT.IN

That’s all?

No, you have couple of other options also, like


Yes, we have plenty of options for domain extensions which can be combined with your trade names





Is this name help you in my SEO?

Name may not help but EXTENSIONS may help you when you are in a specific region and local search engines will boost you with a priority.

Why not my business activity in domain name?

Name WESTWIDETRADING.COM OR WESTWIDE.COM OR WWT.COM will not affect your business or any advantage in SEO but short names will just avoid errors while sending email or while typing names in a bowser.

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